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About us

The Transformational Group is not your average consultant service. Our passion is working with organisations to bring health and intentionality. Our work includes larger corporate and government organizations. Because of our backgrounds and life experiences we love to work with not-for-profit organisations that are committed towards building community capacity and peoples lives for the better.

Transform Rewards is a partnership with Global Online Shopping to enable us to raise funds for organisations that we are passionate about. We are currently raising funds to support The Hands Group.

Hands Group is an Australian, New Zealand and Thai social enterprise that gives at-risk Thai children and their communities a helping hand through our charity Hands Across The Water. Our charity Hands Across The Water is currently the biggest Australian and New Zealand charity operating in Thailand. The primary purpose of Hands Group is to improve the lives of underprivileged children in Thailand.

Transform Rewards is a fundraising initiative developed by Global Online Shopping which has created an online shopping platform which will provide huge benefits to all ourmembers, sponsors, families and friends.

Transform Rewards provides our members with access to hundreds of online shops which provides easy and convenient access to shops that you would normally shop at. By shopping through the rewards program 2% of your purchase will support The Hands Group.

Gold members who subscribe to a monthly membership fee of $15 per month receive additional benefits. The Hands Group will receive $4.00 per month from each monthly membership payment.

Please help the Transformational Group support Hands Across The Water and do what you do on a daily basis with a percentage of each purchase raisings funds for a great cause.

You Shop, You Save, You Support

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